‘Stable’ releases

If you need any help with Cumulus, Please use the forum. I cannot do ‘personal’ support by email.

I do not have copies of old versions of Cumulus, so please do not ask me for them. Only the current version is supported. If you obtain copies of older versions of Cumulus from elsewhere (e.g. web archives) please do not ask for help with them. I strongly advise against using an old unsupported version, if only for the fact that it is likely to have bugs which have been fixed in later releases.

Note that if you use certain anti-virus software – in particular Avast or Symantec – you may find that they flag the Cumulus installer, or Cumulus itself, as a ‘threat’ and block it, for a few days or weeks after a new version has been released, even though it does not actually contain a virus of any kind. This is due to a system they call ‘reputation’ where they automatically block any versions of software which have recently been released. You may want to consider complaining to the provider of your anti-virus software about this ridiculous system, or better still, use some better anti-virus software.

Please read the announcement for the latest release in the forum before installing it. If you are upgrading from a previous version of Cumulus, please read all of the release notes (in the announcement threads) for the builds since the version you are upgrading from.

Beta and test releases

User contributions

Files and add-ons contributed by Cumulus users. the following links will take you to web sites or forum threads, where you can read about and download the item.