This part of the site is updated infrequently. The best place to get the latest information about Cumulus is in the forum.

Sandaysoft is the home of Cumulus, free software for your personal weather station. We are located on the island of Sanday, in Orkney, off the north coast of Scotland in the UK. Cumulus is donationware. If you like the software and find it useful, please consider making a contribution towards the continuing development of Cumulus. I rely on your donations to allow me to buy the software that I need to continue improving Cumulus. Donations received go towards software development, either towards the cost of new development tools and components, or the cost of hosting this site. Please note thatĀ I have a full-time job and CumulusĀ is what I do in my spare time.

Cumulus runs on Microsoft Windows, and works with weather stations such as the Davis Vantage Pro (VP) and Vantage Pro2 (VP2), Oregon Scientific WM918, WMR918, WMR928 and WMR968, and stations which use the EasyWeather software such as MyDEL, Nevada, Watson, Sinometer and Fine Offset, with model numbers such as WH1080, WH1081, W8681, 265NC etc., the La Crosse WS2300 range, and recent models from Instromet. For a more complete list of supported stations, see this page in the wiki.

There is now a version of Cumulus (called “Cumulus MX”) which runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. You can read about it, and download it, in the forum

To read about the software currently available for download, click on ‘Products’ in the menu, or go straight to ‘Downloads’.

The Cumulus Wiki is now live, and growing. Please have a look, and contribute if you can.

We now have an interactive map of Cumulus users. If you’re using Cumulus and you’re not on the map, use the request form (linked from the map page) to ask to be added.