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The latest build of Cumulus 1.9.4 is 1098. See this thread in the forum for the the changes since the original release.

Cumulus 1.8.5 (build 726) is now available for download.

Changes from 1.8.4:

– Attempt to fix startup problem when shut down just before midnight
– Stopped old backups going into recycle bin
– Added support for Twitter (http://www.twitter.com)
– Changed wind gauge so it continues to re-scale up to a max of 200
– Allowed main window to be resized smaller (with scroll bars)
– Added printer selection dialogue to Print function
– Added print function to Graphs form
– Added archive data count to status bar
– Prevent crash when no printer installed
– Fix problem with all-time low pressure when offset in use
– Fix wrong times for some of today’s extremes
– Add WMR928 extra sensor display
– Extra debugging for Fine Offset rain rate
– Fixed ‘ghost’ rain rate just after startup
– Added wind chill to logs and graphs
– Added UV and Solar Rad to Wunderground and PWSweather updates
– Fixed some problems with dewpoint and windchill on Fine Offset
– Add offset facility for inside temperature
– Don’t put leading slash on realtime.txt path if ftp directory is blank
– Attempt to detect WS2300 sensors disconnected
– Fix a missing day rollover problem
– Changed temperature chart so temperature line is always on top
– Removed temperature cutoff from chill calc
– Attempt to cater for displays less than 1024×768
– Added APRS humidity cutoff for quirky OS sensors (set via ini file)
– More filtering for bad WS2300 data
– Fixed WS2300 bad pressure data check for “in Hg” units
– Allow for rain multiplier at rollover (incorrect this month and year displayed)
– Correct WS2300 rain total when gauge (but not console) has been reset
– Allow manual input of Fine Offset pressure offset (set via ini file)
– Cater for Fine Offset humidity ‘underflow’ value of FF
– Options to not send UV and SolarRad to Weather Underground and PWS Weather
– Clock now has 12-hour display option (click on it)
– Changed extra file processing to use unique filename for each file
– Added support for Vantage Pro USB and TCP/IP connection
(note: USB connection is untested)
– Fixed a problem with WS23xx history download
– Create realtime.txt file even if realtime not in use

There is a bug in all versions of Cumulus before 1.8.4 build 605 (which I have just uploaded), which affects Fine Offset users. The bug occurs in the processing of the history data during the wrap-around from the end of the memory back to the beginning. All Fine Offset users are urged to upgrade to version 1.8.4 build 605 as soon as possible. Even if you have previously downloaded version 1.8.4, if the build number (check in About…) is less than 605, you need to download the new version from http://sandaysoft.com/downloads

Cumulus version 1.7.15 is now available for download.

New in this release:

– Changed all degree symbols on web pages to °
– Added relative humidity to ‘copy to clipboard’
– Fixed APRS weather station type identifier
– Added facility to specify pass code for APRS
– Added optional ‘station model’ description for web pages
– Added direct driving of Easyweather stations

Cumulus version 1.7.13 is now available for download.

This is a bug-fix release, see the Chnagelog for details.