Cumulus 1.8.6 released

Cumulus 1.8.6 (build 812) is now available for download.

Changes from 1.8.5:

– Fixed saving of non-default ftp port
– Added option to use file for twitter update
– Added web tags for WMR928 extra sensors
– Option to keep to clock time year-round for 0900 rollover
– Option to prevent multiple instances running
– Captions for WMR928 extra channels are configurable
– Fixed problem where Fine Offset day rollover not done when bad data detected
– Corrected ‘rain since midnight’ for 0900 rollovers (for Wunderground etc)
– Option to copy files locally instead of ftp
– Don’t write today.ini unless station contacted
– Option to have South as origin of wind direction charts
– Fix average temp calculation when using logger data
– Fix problem with daily extremes when first logger entry causes day rollover
– Attempt to avoid reading WS23xx data when station is talking to remote sensors
– Added ‘Print…’ menu to Select-a-graph window
– Fixed high rain rate at startup (Fine offset)
– Added option to copy images to a specified folder
– Send altimeter pressure to CWOP instead of MSLP
– Added <#dawn>, <#dusk> and <#daylightlength> web tags
– Added dawn/dusk display to main screen
– Option to display cloud base on main screen
– Option to configure cloud base units independently of altitude units
– Set colour of moon phase text to black
– Option to restart Cumulus if Fine Offset station uplugged
– Range of wind gauge can now be specified
– Snow unit text in diary can now be specified