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Rain Accuracy Due to Melting Snow and Frost

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Rain Accuracy Due to Melting Snow and Frost

Postby Flosex » Thu Jan 21, 2016 7:52 am

What is the proper procedure in weather recording to deal with rain recorded due to melting snow and/or frost, please?

During the current cold snap, my WH3080 station has shown 0.3mm of rain (the minimum it can register) on a couple of days when there hasn't been any rain, but following a sharp frost. I assume the recording has been due to the frost melting on the sensor.

I have read several threads where others have spoken about this, including one who attempted to overcome it by using a heater (not sure how you do that and how it works though), but none that say how it should be shown, or referred to, in our recorded data.

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