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The time was right

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The time was right

Postby foresight » Mon Oct 16, 2017 7:40 pm

My faithful old LaCross 2310 failed about 8 months ago and I contemplated what to do. I have had trouble with Cumulus periodically freezing up after the latest 1.9.4 update and spent over a year trying to correct it without success. I was very looking forward to Cumulus MX so I could run it on a pi and maybe eliminate some of the issues I was having, but forward movement was lacking.

With Steve retiring and deciding to travel, I decided that after 8 or so years of using Cumulus it may be reaching it's end of life and with a change in weather stations, it was time to not look specifically for a W/S that Cumulus supported. So, I stepped to the dark-side and bought an AcuRite at a really good sale price. AcuRite didn't support a web page like Cumulus did, so I had to go find other software to do that. I found some really good software that is donation supported and has great tech support. During the transition, I disabled my Cumulus just in case I didn't like the alternatives.

The time came over the weekend and I unloaded the Cumulus software. Good-bye old friend.

I will stay a member of the group as Cumulus has been great. I hope some of you get Steve to let you pick up and continue the MX development and update it as he enjoys a well deserved retirement.

Steve, thanks for the support over the years. Enjoy your retirement!

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