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Ephemeral Port Exhaustion

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Ephemeral Port Exhaustion

Postby bri-ko » Sun Mar 25, 2018 8:57 pm

I'm using Cumulus 1.9.4 on a windows 10 machine and have been for years. Everything has worked fine till last week. I tried to connect to my web site and check the Cumulus readings and was advised that the web site hadn't been updated for about 10 hours. I logged into the computer I used for my Cumulus software and when I brought Cumulus into focus saw that there were FTP errors.

I started checking and was unable to connect to any web addresses. I started the windows network trouble shooter but it came back saying that there were no troubles found. I restarted the machine and the network came back. Next day I found the same problem. Still the trouble shooter said no problems detected. I started checking logs and found a number of errors with "Ephemeral Port Exhaustion".

I thought that it may be associated with Cumulus as I have my FTP link to my web site set to 5 seconds. Maybe the rapid request for binding was using up the ports quicker that they could be given back.

I'm wondering it any of you may have run into this problem? By accident I may have fixed it as I haven't seen this error or it's effects for several days. I'd appreciate any feed back you may have.

Thanks much,

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Re: Ephemeral Port Exhaustion

Postby dazza1223 » Wed Mar 28, 2018 12:29 pm

as i work in a PC shop i see a lot off the problems with windows 10 the only way around the problem is to remove all the network drivers in device manager but im not with a windows 10 PC at the mo but let me know if it worked as there might be a nother way! .......PS sorry for got to say when u removed the drivers make sure u reboot the PC
have fun and keep learning

dazza :D

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