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Weather Webcams on a Shoe String Budget (Cheap)

Hardware/software/hints and tips/discussion/webcam links etc
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Weather Webcams on a Shoe String Budget (Cheap)

Postby Unit-53 » Mon Aug 17, 2015 9:19 pm

My webcams are the cheap type. The kind you would use in video chat.
webcam-1 Logitech C-270 800x600 looking North
webcam-2 Mircosoft 3000 800x600 looking West
webcam-3 Logitech C-110 640x480 looking Southwest
webcam-4 Logitech C-270 800x600 looking East
webcam-5 is some China Junk at I paid $6.00 total to be shipped from china. 640x480

Software is ContaCam
Overlay software is Multifunction Image Handler PHP Script by Mike Challis . Also use Weather Web Cam Images History PHP Script.

webcam 1 and 5 are running from inside my home on the main computer. These two cams sit in my windows with a 6ft USB ext cable.
webcam 2,3 and 4 running on 2nd computer hooked in by WIFI. These webcam sit just under my Davis Vantage Vue. These have a 33ft (10m) USB ext cable.
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