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Recent site unavailability

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Recent site unavailability

Postby steve » Mon Nov 01, 2010 9:40 am

A couple of you have contacted me about the recent intermittent availability of this site. Dreamhost are doing a number of infrastructure changes, and things aren't going completely to plan.

In general, if the site is down, it will normally be due to problems at Dreamhost. Unfortunately, I can't afford to pay for guaranteed hosting; nor do I see the need for it. Dreamhost are generally pretty good, and they offer a lot for the price. Occasionally they go through rough periods as they are doing at the moment, but they always get things sorted eventually.

For future reference, the DH status page is here:

Apart from general outages and maintenance, server names to watch out for are "pyxis" "dicer" "hauler" "comet"

Another useful link is this one: which will tell you whether the site is really down, or whether the problem is "just you". If it's really down, I'll already know.
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Please read the posts in the Announcements section about the current status of Cumulus development since I have retired from my day job

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