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An Android idea?

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An Android idea?

Postby Rossishouse » Sat Aug 26, 2017 5:38 pm

Hi all,

I've been using Cumulus 1 for a number of years. Great software!

I recently moved to France, bought a house and had to get a new station. Although there are many WiFi enabled models in the marketplace today, I went for an Aercus WS3083. No WiFi and here is when I got an idea:

People tend to think Raspberry PI, Linux and one of several available solutions for having the PI constantly connected and to read the data via USB from the console. Whilst that is fine by itself, it requires another hardware device, even if tiny. Consider this: we all have at least one decommissioned Android phone in a drawer somewhere. Wouldn't it be mega-cool if one could have Cumulus as an app, connect the phone to the console via an OTG USB adapter and because all phones already have WiFi, one could easily have it upload the data to any website - or read the data from the Android device via WiFi from any computer in the house! Basically, you would turn a discarded Android phone in to a data-logging device. No need for Raspberry PI or anything else. All nicely packaged into an app on play store.

I'm not a programmer, but a Systems Architect, so I leave it to up someone else to do the programming.

I would be prepared to pay for an app like this and I am sure that the millions (?) of weather stations users with a non-WiFi or older station would do the same! Opportunity? You bet.

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