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Cumulus MX ExtraLogs MySql Utilisation

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Cumulus MX ExtraLogs MySql Utilisation

Postby HRVistaWeather » Tue Oct 03, 2017 11:22 am

Hi Steve,
Just some feedback on the brilliant CumulusMX and it's feature capability.
I finally got around to utilizing my ExtraLog Files.
I upload my Soil/Temp/Tension data using the 'MYSQL' Settings:
"custom SQL command to be executed at an interval in minutes - can include webtags'
Using :

Code: Select all

"INSERT IGNORE INTO VPSoilDataSql (LogDateTime,SoilTemp1,SoilTemp2,SoilMoisture1,SoilMoisture2) Values('<#time format="yy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss">',<#SoilTemp1>,<#SoilTemp2>,<#SoilMoisture1>,<#SoilMoisture2>)

As I had years of data in ExtraLogs prior to setting up the above auto upload to MYSQL, I finally worked out a way to upload the historic ExtraLogs data and then append it to the new table.
And finally got around to setting up some initial queries to display the data (all be it they are RAW, it is a long way from being complete from an analytical point of displaying the data correctly, which will involve including data being summarized in different ways/periods, including the addition of Air Temps/Rainfall/Days Rain...etc in order to display a better / relevant picture of the data. All of which I can now do using MYSQL.

I will also include more detailed highcharts to assist in that display.

Thanks again for a brilliant product, hope you are enjoying your travels.

Soil Temperature and Tension20171003.png

Kind regards,
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Re: Cumulus MX ExtraLogs MySql Utilisation

Postby steve » Tue Oct 03, 2017 1:59 pm

Looks good.

Enjoying France immensely, thanks!
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