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Evapotranspiration: monthly and yearly webtag.

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Evapotranspiration: monthly and yearly webtag.

Postby iw2ntf » Mon Oct 09, 2017 5:20 pm

Good morning to all congratulations for Cumulus, valid product!
I've added webtags to my web page to indicate what is evapotranspiration. It is possible with webtags to enter only the <#ET> parameter, ie the daily data.

However, the Davis VP2 station also provides monthly and annual evapotranspiration data.
Is it possible to extract from the datalogger com CumulusMX also the date of the day before, the monthly data, and the annual data?
It is possible to do so with a lot of data, but this seems to me not possible.
Maybe it may be a future implementation.
Thanks Andrea.

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