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The handshake failed due to un unexpected packet format

Discussion of version 3 of Cumulus, which runs on Windows, Linux, and OS X. All Cumulus MX queries in here, please.
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Re: The handshake failed due to un unexpected packet format

Postby Dinant » Wed Apr 11, 2018 9:12 am

mcrossley wrote:OK, unless you are getting the exception I don't think it was picking up the new file.

I had a quick look this morning, I don't think MX can be made to use an updated DLL without MX being recompiled - because the public key of the assembly will change (or be removed ;) )when I compile it. :(

I think you are right.
In the first test I've replaced the dll when MX was running. Now I see that is not a stable situation.

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