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FTP issue

Discussion of version 3 of Cumulus, which runs on Windows, Linux, and OS X. All Cumulus MX queries in here, please.
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FTP issue

Postby sv1iw » Wed Apr 25, 2018 11:48 pm

Hello everyone
I am using lately CumulusMX on a raspberry pi 2 Model B. Everything seems to be working in order except some ftp issues. To be more specific. I use ftp to upload data to another Raspberry pi on my local network which serves as a Web Server. The only file that seems to be uploaded successfully is realtime.txt. All others from "/web" folder as you can see in the diagnostic file attached, say that cannot be created. Another clue from the ftplog.txt file is these messages (for every single file not uploaded) " Could not get file size" and "Could not create file".
I have checked file permissions on both ftp servers although I use /home/user folder which the user can use with read/write permissions and all seems fine. Finally I used a Windows ftp client with the same credentials like Cumulus MX and it is working fine as well.
Any suggestions /ideas why CumulusMX is not making it?
Below are my ftp settings, and mxdiags file...

Manos SV1IW


[FTP site]
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Re: FTP issue

Postby mcrossley » Thu Apr 26, 2018 12:56 pm

It is attempting to FTP to /index.htm, which depending on the filesystem visibility to your FTP user can mean either the root of the FTP home directory, or the root of the file system. In your case I suspect the latter, try putting the full path to the home directory in the Cumulus Directory setting.

You could investigate how you limit an FTP user to only see their own folders in FTP and not back out into the filesystem they shouldn't be using.

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Re: FTP issue

Postby sv1iw » Thu Apr 26, 2018 5:22 pm

Hi Mark and thanks for the reply. I used the full path for the destination and now the system has stopped uploading the reltime.txt which was successfully uploaded before.
Manos SV1IW

From the MXdiags:
2018-04-26 20:15:02.388 Error uploading web/index.htm to /home/ftpupload/index.htm : Could not create file.
2018-04-26 20:15:02.425 Error uploading web/today.htm to /home/ftpupload/today.htm : Could not create file.
2018-04-26 20:15:02.463 Error uploading web/yesterday.htm to /home/ftpupload/yesterday.htm : Could not create file.
2018-04-26 20:15:02.504 Error uploading web/record.htm to /home/ftpupload/record.htm : Could not create file.

and from ftp log after the change:
Text encoding: System.Text.UTF8Encoding
200 Always in UTF8 mode.
Testing connectivity using Socket.Poll()...
2018-04-26 20:08:41.277 Uploading realtime.txt to /home/ftpupload/realtime.txt
Testing connectivity using Socket.Poll()...
200 Switching to Binary mode.
SIZE /home/ftpupload/realtime.txt
550 Could not get file size.
229 Entering Extended Passive Mode (|||51185|).
STOR /home/ftpupload/realtime.txt
553 Could not create file.

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Operating System: Raspbian stretch

Re: FTP issue

Postby sv1iw » Thu Apr 26, 2018 5:55 pm

Mark disregard my previous message. I had changed the normal ftp server address and left another one which I didn't check.
I can still see that can't get the file size from source but it stores files ok. So is about time to move on to the next issue.
Thank you very much for the suggestion....

Regards Manos SV1IW :clap:

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