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Uploading to while running CumulusMX

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Uploading to while running CumulusMX

Postby biltmorelaker » Thu May 31, 2018 6:13 pm

I have a Davis Vantage Vue Weather Station with a Davis WeatherLink IP data logger. The purchase of that logger provides uploading to the website without any subscription fee.

My CumulusMX implementation on a Raspberry Pi works solidly for me when I disable uploads from the Davis Weatherlink IP data logger to When I enable the uploads, however, CumulusMX periodically crashes. This is a known issue. I know that the "disconnect period" parameter in CumulusMX can impact this. However, I haven't been able to find settings that work consistently. I am also aware of this thread from earlier this year - It references using Meteobridge to try (unsuccessfully, apparently) to enable this.

Has anyone had luck in finding settings that will both allow uploads to and running of CumulusMX to go on together? I've already invested in the Davis WeatherLink IP data logger and hate to give up the free hosting, but want CumulusMX for all of its other valuable attributes.

Any other setups (I know that VirtualVP is gone and didn't support the LOOP2 command anyway) that folks are using to accomplish this?

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