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Feature Request: Adding Inside Temp to web dashboard

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Feature Request: Adding Inside Temp to web dashboard

Postby HKWe5e » Sat Jul 07, 2018 9:59 pm

Inside temperature is "missing" from the web dashboard.

I implemented a way to view inside temperature directly off of the Dashboard (--.- °C). CumulusMX now shows the same information as the station's hardware console.

My solution is very crude; it was made by editing interface/index.html. It shows what I have settled for in my installation.

I changed this original code:

Code: Select all

<div class="cont" >
    <span id="OutdoorTemp" style="font-size:400%">--.-</span>&nbsp;<span class="TempUnit" style="vertical-align:150%">&deg;C</span>
    <p><img id="TempTrendImg" src="img/up-small.png" alt=""> <span id="TempTrend">-.-</span>&nbsp;<span class="TempUnit">&deg;C</span>/hr</p>
<div class="cont" >
    <p><span>High&nbsp;</span><span id="HighTempToday" class="high">--.-</span><br><span id="HighTempTodayTime">--:--</span></p>
    <p><span>Low&nbsp;&nbsp;</span><span id="LowTempToday" class="low">--.-</span><br><span id="LowTempTodayTime">--:--</span></p></div>

For this replacement code:

Code: Select all

<div class="cont" >
    Outside&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<span id="OutdoorTemp" style="font-size:200%">--.-</span>&nbsp;<span class="TempUnit" style="vertical-align:50%">&deg;C</span>
    <img id="TempTrendImg" src="img/up-small.png" alt=""> <span id="TempTrend">-.-</span>&nbsp;<span class="TempUnit">&deg;C</span>/hr<p>
<div class="cont" >
    <span>High&nbsp;</span><span id="HighTempToday" class="high">--.-</span>&nbsp;@&nbsp;<span id="HighTempTodayTime">--:--</span><p>Low&nbsp;</span><span id="LowTempToday" class="low">--.-</span>  @  <span id="LowTempTodayTime">--:--</span></p></p></p></div>
    Inside&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<span id="IndoorTemp" style="font-size:200%">--.-</span>&nbsp;<span class="TempUnit" style="vertical-align:50%">&deg;C</span>

An elegant and permanent addition from you would be most appreciated!

Many thanks for your time.

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