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monthly and annual average temperature

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monthly and annual average temperature

Postby wetterfrosch1971 » Mon Jan 08, 2018 11:23 pm


in cumulus I can see the monthly average temperature and the annual averrage temperature.
It is also possible to display this data in the monthly data and annual data on the website?

many thanks.

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Re: monthly and annual average temperature

Postby sfws » Tue Jan 09, 2018 8:25 am

Since these are not available as web tags, to display them you need to add a script that adds all the daily values from past days (find them in the daily log file), calculates the average and then outputs this. You need to consider if adding those figures is worth the effort as I assume you don't have expertise to write that script already or you would not need to ask the question.

In the past I used JavaScript to work through an online copy of the daily log file (and the web tags for the current day). I may have the script I used in an archive somewhere, but don't have time to search for it. If you decide to follow that route, you can find hints online for how to write such a script, including how to read a file.

More recently with my daily data in a database, I have used a PHP script. My schema is different to the one used by Mark Crossley (and adopted by Cumulus MX), so you would have to understand my schema to use my script and anyway my script does many other calculations for month, season and year, so it would be confusing to share it.

In my script to add correct weighting to all the figures before averaging, I multiplied figures for past days by 24 so I could then add in the average for today from web tag (or today.ini) and multiply that by the number of hours into the meteorological day. Being perdantic I also make allowance for any day with a clock change multiplying that figure by 23 or 25.

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