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Baro issue

Discussion specific to Davis weather stations
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Baro issue

Postby merlinwx » Fri May 19, 2017 5:08 pm

My equipment:
Davis VP2
Belfryboy logger
Cumulus Cumulus 1.9.4 build 1101

I recently set up my console to push my data through a TP-link/Meteobridge access point. Everything was reporting to CWOP, WU, Weathercloud, etc., with no issues. I then launched Cumulus, at the same time I started seeing about 1" drops (ex: 29.76 to 28.76) in my reported baro to the publishing services. I disabled the push buttons in Cumulus to see if that changed anything, it didn't. I then shut Cumulus down completely. This restored my reported baro readings back to what they should have been on the publishing services. During all this, I monitored the Meteobridge output and it remained consistent with the current baro.

There is probably some setting I have missed somewhere is the conversion but I cannot figure out what's going on.

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Re: Baro issue

Postby steve » Fri May 19, 2017 6:20 pm

From what you say, the updating is done by Meteobridge rather than Cumulus? If so, then this is a Meteobridge issue rather than Cumulus, unless I've misunderstood what you're saying.
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