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Davis Vantague Vue/Pro 2 console reading variations

Discussion specific to Davis weather stations
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Davis Vantague Vue/Pro 2 console reading variations

Postby Aledger1 » Mon May 02, 2016 10:26 am


I have just bought a Vantage Pro 2 console to compliment my existing Vantage Vue console and setup. I also have two data loggers which means I can set one up permanently for Cumulous and one for Weatherlink software. It means I also have two displays for different parts of the house. Both operate from the same vantage vue ISS and a separate Pro 2 wind sensor.

Both set to factory settings however there is occasionally slight variations in the readings. Not massively but temperature could be different by 1-2 degrees. Wind speeds can vary slightly. Why would this be if they are working off the same ISS? I wonder if it was anything to do with the way they are calibrated at factor and whether one is more accurate than the other?

If I use the Vantage Vue console as a repeater then the readings are exactly the same on both consoles which is not unsurprising but I would like to know which is the more accurate out of the two then I can use that as the repeater.

Any ideas?



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