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Discussion specific to Davis weather stations
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Postby PaulMy » Tue May 02, 2017 2:43 pm

While doing my daily manual precipitation upload to the CoCoRaHS program and there was some rain in the manual CoCoRaHS gauge I noticed my Cumulus yearly and monthly rainfall totals were lower than they were yesterday. In checking the May17log.txt I found that at
01/05/17 21:40 the rainfall total was 305.2 and at
01/05/17 21:50 the rainfall total was 301.4

I then recalled that there was a momentary power glitch yesterday evening, and likely at that 21:xx time. All the lights, TV, etc. went off for a second but my weather station and computer equipment is on an APC Back-UPS XS1300 and that kept on running. All the other data is correct and all my weather related programs seem to have withstood the power glitch. We do get the occasional power glitch, especially during nearby lightning storm, and the UPS successfully protects my system and have not seen a similar rainfall change in the past.

I ran WL to check on the rainfall yesterday and from that was able to edit May17log.txt and also edited dayfile.txt to correct the rainfall.

While running WL it did the datalogger update from the last time I ran WL which was April 14th (I have my logger at 10 min interval and run WL every 15 days to keep the WL data current). However the size of the logger updating was smaller than what I expected and checking the WL log file the data from Apr 20 11:50a to Apr 27 2:00p is missing. No other data is missing from the logger but it leads me to worry about a problem with the datalogger (Davis USB 2008).

Could the error in the Cumulus rainfall coming from the datalogger and the missing WL April 20 to 27 data in the logger have any common fault?


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Re: Rainfall

Postby steve » Tue May 02, 2017 2:53 pm

It's possible. Someone else hads a similar problem very recently where the annual rainfall figure supplied by the console (that's the figure Cumulus uses for the rainfall counter) went down, and I think that was also after a power outage. But in your case the outage shouldn't have affected the console.
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