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Low Battery notification

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Low Battery notification

Postby Dewie » Tue Nov 14, 2017 12:32 pm

Over the past few years I've been occasionally suffering from bad data due to a low battery in the transmitter of my Vantage Vue weather station. It seems to happen once a year and it was really only this year that I came to the conclusion that this was the problem (previously I usually ended up taking the station apart, cleaning up the board, etc - I guess not to say that this didn't help previously; but regardless)

Anyways - long story short - has anyone looked into making some kind of email notification to notify you when the battery in the transmitter is getting low? I NEVER look at my base station; it is literally only used to transfer data to a Pi which has Cumulus MX on it, broadcasting it to various places where it gets consumed.

I briefly looked into it and it looked to me like there is a custom channel we can subscribe to through Cumulus MX in order to get a battery status? (again this research has been brief; I've not had a whole lot of time to spend looking into this yet). I searched through the forum and it would appear that no one has talked about this possibility yet (unless it was a long time ago and it's buried/they did so without using any keywords I could think up)

I realize not everyone would benefit from this, and that there would be additional overhead to make this work (come from a web/software development background) making it not super high priority to be included as part of Cumulus MX; but it is related.

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Re: Low Battery notification

Postby mcrossley » Tue Nov 14, 2017 7:44 pm

I'd either get Cumulus to run a script at the archive interval that checks the battery status web tag. Or get Cumulus to generate a tag file that a script run as a scheduled task say once a hour checks.

In both cases you'd need an SMTP server to send the message. If you are running Windows PowerShell has a built in command to send emails. Linux will have a little gizmo as well no doubt.

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