User Map of Cumulus Weather Software


Mousing over the markers will display the info about the site. With the text box open, you can click on the center directional arrow in the control on the top left of the map to center on that site.

See the bottom of this page for information about adding your own web site to the map.

Sites by Country:

There are 1817 sites currently in the database. Below is a list of each of the entries sorted alphabetically by country.

If you click on the map selector Map next to the entries, you will get a popup map of just that site.

AE - United Arab Emirates

AR - Argentina

AT - Austria

AU - Australia

BE - Belgium

BG - Bulgaria

BR - Brazil

BY - Belorus

BZ - Belize

CA - Canada

CE - Canary Islands

CH - Switzerland

CL - Chile

CY - Cyprus

CZ - Czech Republic

DE - Germany

DK - Denmark

EE - Estonia

ES - Spain

ET - Ethiopia

FI - Finland

FR - France

GR - Greece

GU - Guam

GY - Guyana

HK - Hong Kong

HR - Croatia

HU - Hungary

ID - Indonesia

IE - Ireland

IL - Israel

IN - India

IS - Iceland

IT - Italy

JO - Jordan

JP - Japan

LB - Lebanon

LT - Lithuania

LU - Luxembourg

LV - Latvia

MB - St. Maarten

MT - Malta

MU - Mauritius

NB - Northern Ireland

NL - Netherlands

NN - Channel Islands

NO - Norway

NZ - New Zealand

PH - Philippines

PL - Poland

PR - Puerto Rico

PT - Portugal

RO - Romania

RU - Russia

SE - Sweden

SF - Scotland

SI - Slovenia

SK - Slovak Republic

SM - San Morino

TH - Thailand

TR - Turkey

UK - United Kingdom

US - United States

UY - Uruguay

VE - Venezuela

WL - Wales

ZA - South Africa

Want your site Added?

If you use Cumulus Weather Software and want to have your web site included on the map, please use the link below to submit your information.

If you already have an entry and would like it to be amended or deleted, please send the details to Please include full details of your existing entry.

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