Cumulus User Mapping Project

Map Request Form

The following form allows you to submit your Cumulus Weather Station Website to the Cumulus User Mapping Project. You have a choice of providing your coordinates using Decimal Format or Degree format. You must only use ONE type of coordinate entry. Please take care over your entry and use the correct notation. Many submissions are received with invalid co-ordinates and thus cannot be added.

This facility is for personal web sites; that is, it should be your own web site and not a link to a commercial operation such as Weather Underground, Twitter, etc. The link you provide should be directly to your Cumulus weather pages. If the link you provide does not go to a page which is clearly showing data gathered by Cumulus, your site will not be added!

All other fields must be supplied so that your site can be added. The email address will not be published. Entries are not automatically added. Entries are manually approved before they show up on the map. Please be patient.

Add new location
Site Name
  Sitename should describe your location like: Mesa, AZ
Email Address
  Email address is needed in case we have questions about your entry.
  URL should point to your main Cumulus Page. Do not include the http:// part.
  Please Select the country your site is located in from the drop down list
Coordinates in Decimal Format:
Latitude   Use - for South of Equator
Longitude   Use - for West of Prime Meridian
  Use a negative number of West (Like -111.22323) and South (like -46.22323)
Coordinates in Degree Format:
Latitude Deg:   Min:   Sec:   North   South of the Equator
Longitude Deg:   Min:   Sec:   West   East of Prime Meridian
  Degree coordinates will be converted to the Decimal format by the form