The latest build of Cumulus 1.9.4 is 1098. See this thread in the forum for the the changes since the original release.

The latest build of Cumulus 1.9.4 is 1096. See this thread in the forum for the the changes since the original release.

Cumulus 1.9.4 released

Cumulus version 1.9.4 has been released, and is available on the downloads page.

Please read the announcement in the forum before installing.

Cumulus 1.9.3 released

Cumulus version 1.9.3 has been released, and is available on the downloads page. Please read the announcement in the forum before installing it.

The final build of Cumulus version 1.9.2 was released on March 20th 2012, see the downloads page.

Please see the support forum for announcements of beta builds of version 1.9.3.

Cumulus 1.9.2 released

Cumulus 1.9.2 has now been released and is available from the downloads page.

Cumulus 1.9.1 released

Cumulus version 1.9.1 is now available from the downloads page.

Changes from 1.9.0:

  • Added ‘apparent temperature’ and web tag <#apptemp>
  • Added humidity high and low, and corresponding web tags
  • Wunderground uploads ‘catch up’ from logger data
  • Allow chart line width to be configured
  • Allow individual temperature chart lines to be shown/hidden
  • Optional gradient background for charts
  • Fix evapotranspiration recording (Davis)
  • Calculate hours of sunshine (Davis)
  • Added high rain rate to “this month/year/period” display
  • Added rain to xAP reports
  • Option to round wind speeds to nearest integer
  • Option to disconnect Davis IP connections once a minute
  • Select-A-Graph colours saved over a restart
  • Option to show/hide humidity chart lines
  • Don’t initialise USB for non-USB stations
  • Wind rose transparency is configurable
  • New wind gauge
  • New spike removal facility
  • Moved realtime FTP into separate thread
  • Compass colours now configurable
  • New all time record for apparent temp and heat index, plus webtags
  • New all time record display and editor
  • Add sunshine hours to this month/year/period displays
  • Start of rainfall season can be specified
  • New ‘highs and lows’ displays, and corresponding web tags
  • Support of WH3080 and WH3081 stations
  • ‘Format’ parameters for date and time web tags
  • Run external commands at ftp time
  • Maintain highs and lows for dew point
  • Moon percent web tags
  • Solar Radiation, UV, and Apparent temp added to Select-A-Graph
  • New editors for highs and lows with re-generation from log files
  • web tags for all-time records indicators
  • ‘Lowest max’ and ‘Highest min’ temps now include times
  • Many other enhancements and fixes

Cumulus 1.9.0 released

Cumulus version 1.9.0 is now available from the downloads page.

Changes from 1.8.9:

  • new webtags – timehhmmss and currentwdir
  • add cloudbase and average wind direction (compass) to realtime.txt
  • changed to ‘new’ Twitter authentication method (OAuth)
  • added latitude and longitude to tweets
  • fix date problem with monthly rain record when using 9am rollover
  • APRS and wxnow.txt: Represent 0% RH by 1% (zero means 100)
  • bug fix: don’t use entries more than once when reading FO archive data
  • use Cumulus calculated wind speed for wind chill calculation, if that option is selected
  • send wind to Wunderground with 1 dp for non-Davis stations
  • new web tag – <#newrecord> – 1 if ‘new record’ light is flashing, 0 if not
  • Write UV and Solar Rad to monthly log files
  • Make sure to send decimal degrees to Wunderground when temp goes above 100F
  • Don’t log WU and PWS Weather passwords to debug log
  • Option to have forecast updated only once per hour
  • [ER 12] Added <#LastRainTipISO> web tag – date/time of last rain gauge tip
  • Use an improved Heat Index formula which is valid below humidity of 40%
  • Log failed dayfile.txt entry to diags log and flash error light
  • Correct Degrees to DMS calculation for some cases
  • Fix Twitter timestamp bug which caused ’401′ failures
  • Fix problem in southern hemisphere in previous Twitter fix

Cumulus 1.8.9 released

Cumulus 1.8.9 (build 930) is now available for download.

See the downloads section for the link, and the Cumulus product page for a list of changes.

Cumulus 1.8.8 released

Cumulus 1.8.8 (build 881) is now available for download.

Changes from 1.8.7:

  • Added comparison of day length with tomorrow (and web tag)
  • Handle (by ignoring) errors from creation of moon bitmap
  • Added <#nextwindindex> web tag (see help)
  • Improved layout slightly on smaller displays
  • Added option to periodically disconnect realtime ftp
  • Fix heat index for temp under 80F or humidity under 40%
  • Fix spurious extra entry on end of <#wdirdata> and <#wspddata>
  • Add error code to ftp connect error message
  • Added ‘This Period’ screen (see ‘View’ menu)
  • Fixed crash caused by default value when pressure calibration box is cleared
  • Added ‘save as PNG’ to Select-A-Graph
  • Added Heat Index to data log, outside temp graph, and Select-A-Graph
  • Added wind chill and dew point to Select-A-Graph
  • Added ability to display multiple parameters on Select-A-Graph
  • Option to display Humidex instead of Heat Index on main screen
  • ftp upload is now in a separate thread to improve UI performance
  • Changed Wunderground upload to send ‘latest’ wind speed not average
  • Added tray icon ‘tooltip’ with wind speed and temperature
  • Changed code for closing data log, and added warning if not written
  • Fix bug where first rapid fire Wunderground update could contain zeroes
  • Fix bug where having ‘this period’ window open causes failure to write data log
  • Ignore humidity of zero on Fine Offset and LaCrosse stations
  • Fix forecasts for high pressure extremes
  • Allow WMR928 etc extra sensor to act as main temp sensor (ini file setting)
  • Fix very high wind speeds on Fine Offset
  • Fix filtering of zero humidity
  • Fix occasional display of dashes for sunset in some timezones
  • Correctly log http response codes in debug log
  • Changed scale label intervals on wind speed gauge
  • Correct 1-minute average temp being deg C when using data from Fine Offset logger
  • Fix pressure trend used in forecast, if units are inHg
  • Added ‘FCPressureThreshold’ ini-file entry to control forecast generation
  • Increased size of input boxes on all-time record editor
  • Fix problem where inside temp graph colour setting was lost over a restart
  • Fix problem where wind direction graph colour setting was lost over a restart
  • Allow average wind direction graph colour to be changed
  • Make sure dew point is still calculated when humidity 100%
  • As above, but for ‘live’ data as well as logger data!
  • Fix switching off of all-time records LEDs
  • added ability to configure/translate forecast strings via strings.ini
  • Fix to allow WMR928 users to use Cumulus forecast
  • Added more strings to strings.ini
  • Added two new realtime.txt items and web tags – forecastnumber and isdaylight
  • Truncate custom tweets at 140 characters
  • Allow thickness of chart legend symbols to be configured
  • Added ‘max wind speed’ option for La Crosse (via cumulus.ini setting)
  • Select-A-Graph now has gust as well as peak gust
  • Added temp/pressure trends to strings.ini
  • Correct colours of web wind direction graph
  • Stop tray icon appearing when ‘minimise to tray’ not selected
  • Fix ‘waxing gibbous’ strings.ini setting name
  • Average temp calculation using logger data now uses calibrated value
  • Added new web tags to correct trend arrows on javascript gauges
  • Fix average wind and gale days on ‘This period’ display
  • Round time to previous log interval when asking for VP logger data, to avoid Davis bug
  • Make sure first wind and temp readings have been made before calculating wind chill