Free weather station software!

Cumulus is free software for retrieving, storing and displaying data from an electronic Automatic Weather Station (AWS).

Cumulus will store full weather records, along with daily, monthly, annual and all-time records, and graphical data. Cumulus can upload its data Collage of Cumulus screensto a web server and comes packaged with templated web pages for this purpose. Cumulus also supports automatic uploads to Weather Underground and CWOP/APRS.

Cumulus works with the Davis Vantage Pro and Vantage Pro2 weather stations (and the new Vantage Vue), the Oregon Scientific WMR-928 and WM-918 weather stations (and related models), Fine Offset stations such as the WH1081, and the La Crosse WS-2300 range.

Warning: If your weather station is a La Crosse and it is connected using a serial/USB adapter, then you will probably have problems using it with Cumulus, in that you will get erroneous data from time to time – this is a common problem with these stations when used in this way. There doesn’t seem to be anything I can do about this. For this reason, I am sorry to say that I cannot support the use of Cumulus in this way. Note that even if you are using a direct serial connection, I don’t actually own a La Crosse weather station, and there is no official documentation available for the protocol, so I am only able to give limited support for these stations, and if you have any problems it is unlikely that I will be able to anything about it.

Cumulus is in use on our own Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station, and our data are uploaded to our weather website: Sanday Weather. The web template in use there is packaged with Cumulus, and the commented CSS file is included in order that users may adapt it for their own use, changing the colours and background image as desired. You can, of course, write your own web pages from scratch, and use the ‘web tags’ feature to make Cumulus insert your weather data at the appropriate places. See the help file for more details.


  • Free for personal and non-profit use, but a donation would be appreciated if you continue to use Cumulus after trying it
  • Runs on Windows XP,  Windows Vista, and Windows 7. It should also work fine on the corresponding Server operating systems.
  • Supports Davis Vantage Pro and Pro2, and Vue; Oregon Scientific WM918, WMR-918, WMR-928, WMR-968, WMR88, WMR100, WMR200 weather stations; EasyWeather stations (MyDEL, Nevada, Watson, Fine Offset, WH1080, WH1081, W8681 etc); La Crosse WS-2300 and other models in the WS23xx range. For a more extensive list of supported stations, see this page in the wiki.
  • Easy to use, clean display
  • Choice of meteorological day – midnight to midnight or 0900 to 0900
  • Numeric and graphical display of data
  • Real time web display of wind speed and direction
  • Automatic upload of data to web sites, Weather Underground, CWOP/APRS, PSW Weather/WeatherForYou/HAMweather, Twitter
  • Ready-made web pages supplied, or build your own using web tags
  • Configurable alarms for various conditions
  • Sunrise, sunset and moon phase display
  • Displays historical data for any given month or year
  • Graphical display of historical data for any time period
  • Generation of xAP home automation weather reports
  • Comprehensive help file included
  • Free support available in the support forum


Note that these are from an earlier version of Cumulus; the displays have changed considerably in the latest version.

Main screen


All time records

This month

This year

Web pages

Web pages included:Example Web page

  • Current Conditions
  • Gauges (with real time wind display)
  • Current Meteorological Day: Maxima and Minima
  • Previous Meteorological Day: Maxima and Minima
  • All Time Records: Maxima and Minima
  • Trend Graphs

The standard menu navigation allows for inclusion of both a forum link and a link to a webcam. Custom web pages can be achieved through the use of web tags added to any HTML/CSS layout.


Cumulus includes a comprehensive Help File.

There is also a FAQ and a wiki.

Further help, support, and discussion is available on our Forum.  You will need to register to be able to post to the forum. Please submit bug reports and requests for enhancements there.


version 1.9.4 latest update 20th June 2014
For a list of the main changes in this version, please see the announcement thread in the forum

version 1.9.3 9th February 2013
For a list of the main changes in this version, please see the announcement in the forum

version 1.9.2 5th October 2011

  • Web service (e.g. WU) ‘catch up’ is now optional- New ‘catch up’ indicator to show when ‘catch up’ is taking place
  • Display update during logger download can be turned off
  • Fix incorrect ‘rain since midnight’ value if Cumulus restarted on first of month
  • Change sunshine hours total to be midnight to midnight on all systems
  • Correct CWOP upload to send ‘rain since midnight’ rather than ‘rain since rollover’ (for 0900 rollover users)
  • Added support for Weatherbug Backyard
  • Added support for UK Met Office Weather Observations Website
  • Added support for Oregon Scientific WMR88/100/200 stations
  • Increase allowed range of WH3080 UV readings
  • Add rain rate and ‘rain last hour’ spike filters
  • Graph titles configurable via strings.ini – see samplestrings.ini file
  • Added ‘web update’ to task bar icon menu
  • Added ability to edit today’s rain total – see edit menu
  • Option to restart if data stops
  • New web tags – <#wetbulb> and <#timeUTC>
  • Added calibration offset for UV readings
  • Added “Chill Hours” (for fruit growing)
  • Option to ignore La Crosse clock on archive downloads
  • This Month/Year/all-time record daily wind run + web tags
  • Round start time on Select-A-Graph down to nearest minute
  • Add new ‘this month’ and ‘this year’ web pages
  • <#forecastnumber> is always set even if Cumulus forecast not in use
  • New web tag <#cumulusforecast> – always gives Cumulus (Zambretti) forecast
  • New web tag <#wsforecast> – always gives station forecast (if available)
  • Don’t plot wind chill until first value calculated
  • Don’t reset rain counter if Davis logger doesn’t go back far enough to fill the gap since previous run
  • New tag <#HighWindrunRecordSet> (=1 if ‘all time high wind run’ LED is lit, otherwise 0)
  • Change La Crosse station forecast to ‘Clear’ instead of ‘Sunny’, at night
  • Today’s dominant (i.e. average) wind direction (in degrees) added to dayfile.txt
  • New ‘dominant wind direction’ web tags.
  • Heating and Cooling Degree Days added to dayfile.txt
  • New heating/cooling degree days web tags
  • NOAA-style monthly and annual reports
  • Internet uploads are now on the hour and every N minutes after, if the supplied interval is a factor of 60.
  • Current log file can be specified as a web upload – <currentlogfile>
  • Graph display interval can now be set to any value
  • Added Davis reception stats
  • Option to execute external program after daily rollover
  • Initial support for Blake-Larsen sun recorder
  • Dayfile.txt editor
  • Consecutive rain/dry days
  • Multiplier calibration for UV
  • Graphs window can appear on task bar
  • Last 24 hour rain total
  • Daily temperature range, with highs and lows
  • many more enhancements and fixes

version 1.9.1 6th April 2011

  • Added ‘apparent temperature’ and web tag <#apptemp>
  • Added humidity high and low, and corresponding web tags
  • Wunderground uploads ‘catch up’ from logger data
  • Allow chart line width to be configured
  • Allow individual temperature chart lines to be shown/hidden
  • Optional gradient background for charts
  • Fix evapotranspiration recording (Davis)
  • Calculate hours of sunshine (Davis)
  • Added high rain rate to “this month/year/period” display
  • Added rain to xAP reports
  • Option to round wind speeds to nearest integer
  • Option to disconnect Davis IP connections once a minute
  • Select-A-Graph colours saved over a restart
  • Option to show/hide humidity chart lines
  • Don’t initialise USB for non-USB stations
  • Wind rose transparency is configurable
  • New wind gauge
  • New spike removal facility
  • Moved realtime FTP into separate thread
  • Compass colours now configurable
  • New all time record for apparent temp and heat index, plus webtags
  • New all time record display and editor
  • Add sunshine hours to this month/year/period displays
  • Start of rainfall season can be specified
  • New ‘highs and lows’ displays, and corresponding web tags
  • Support of WH3080 and WH3081 stations
  • ‘Format’ parameters for date and time web tags
  • Run external commands at ftp time
  • Maintain highs and lows for dew point
  • Moon percent web tags
  • Solar Radiation, UV, and Apparent temp added to Select-A-Graph
  • New editors for highs and lows with re-generation from log files
  • web tags for all-time records indicators
  • ‘Lowest max’ and ‘Highest min’ temps now include times
  • Many other enhancements and fixes

version 1.9.0 11th September 2010

  • new webtags – timehhmmss and currentwdir
  • add cloudbase and average wind direction (compass) to realtime.txt
  • changed to ‘new’ Twitter authentication method (OAuth)
  • added latitude and longitude to tweets
  • fix date problem with monthly rain record when using 9am rollover
  • APRS and wxnow.txt: Represent 0% RH by 1% (zero means 100)
  • bug fix: don’t use entries more than once when reading FO archive data
  • use Cumulus calculated wind speed for wind chill calculation, if that option is selected
  • send wind to Wunderground with 1 dp for non-Davis stations
  • new web tag – <#newrecord> – 1 if ‘new record’ light is flashing, 0 if not
  • Write UV and Solar Rad to monthly log files
  • Make sure to send decimal degrees to Wunderground when temp goes above 100F
  • Don’t log WU and PWS Weather passwords to debug log
  • Option to have forecast updated only once per hour
  • [ER 12] Added <#LastRainTipISO> web tag – date/time of last rain gauge tip
  • Use an improved Heat Index formula which is valid below humidity of 40%
  • Log failed dayfile.txt entry to diags log and flash error light
  • Correct Degrees to DMS calculation for some cases
  • Fix Twitter timestamp bug which caused ‘401’ failures
  • Fix problem in southern hemisphere in previous Twitter fix

version 1.8.9 31st March 2010

  • Option to send either ‘latest’ or ‘average’ wind speed and bearing to Wunderground
  • Added web tag, realtime.txt item, and alarm for ‘sensor contact lost’ (Fine Offset Only)
  • Added web tags for current alarm states
  • Improved wind rose
  • Cater for VantagePro.DLL returning ‘error’ from logger for wind direction when calm
  • Allow second chance before assuming rain counter reset
  • Add <#snowdepth> web tag
  • Fix problem with CWOP temps below zero Fahrenheit
  • Add missing space between last two realtime.txt fields
  • Add <#txbattery> web tag (Davis only)
  • Change the way dayfile.txt is written
  • Fix 100% humidity CWOP bug
  • Correct WMR928 pressure readings for high altitudes
  • Add some diagnostics for ftp setup problems
  • Hide tx battery status from non-Davis users
  • Option to send solar radiation to CWOP/APRS
  • Fix diary problem caused by <#snowdepth> tag
  • Attempt to fix inter-thread message problem for Davis users
  • Fix problem with shortdateformat with month names (all-time record start date)
  • Attempt to fix another problem caused by <#snowdepth> tag
  • Altimeter Pressure now same as SL pressure for non-Davis
  • Add <#altimeterpressure> web tag
  • Fix heat index in realtime.txt when ‘display humidex’ option is set
  • Ensure humidex is never less than ambient temperature
  • Attempt to improve pressure graph scale for inHg
  • New ini-file option to set wind direction average period (AvgBearingMinutes in [Station] section)
  • Option to use ‘speed’ for 10-minute wind speed average calculation (see station settings)
  • Optional manual ‘current conditions’ box (see display settings) and web tag <#currcond>
  • Allow ’48 hours’ as a recognised setting for ‘graph hours’
  • Initialise wind speed data from data logs for average calculations
  • Option of 8 or 16 compass positions for Wind Rose (see display settings)
  • Fix problem with shortdateformat with month names (timestamp in today.ini)
  • Add high (average) wind speed to dayfile.txt
  • Add ‘currentconditions.txt’ option for <#currcond> web tag
  • Currentconditions.txt updates main display when tag is processed (and deletes file)
  • Installer now offers option of not installing web templates
  • Added alarms for temperature and pressure change (see help for new web tags)
  • Handle (by ignoring) errors from creation of moon bitmap – for ‘normal’ ftp
  • configurable time for average wind speed – AvgSpeedMinutes in cumulus.ini
  • Draws (optional) horizontal line at freezing point on temperature graphs
  • Added wind direction to Select-A-Graph
  • Attempt to work around Windows 7 date format problem
  • Change wording of <#tomorrowdaylength> web tag
  • Fix freezing point line appearing below the axis
  • Fix a problem with colours of wind direction graph
  • Change small wind direction graph to plot average
  • Add check for WS2300 ‘error’ wind speed value in history data
  • Improve small pressure chart X-axis max/min for inHg
  • Remove work around for freezing point line off-graph (causes other problems)
  • Change single quote (minutes) in latitude and longitude web tags to ‘
  • Attempt to stop the sporadic crashes at close down
  • Add logging of all time record changes
  • Change all-time records file to an ‘ini’ file
  • Fix single quotes in lat/lon in existing settings
  • Fix a problem where rain total sometimes doesn’t reset at start of day
  • Added ‘please wait’ box when closing, to make sure logging has finished
  • Set location of alltime.ini file explicitly, to avoid working directory problems
  • Truncate Twitter messages at 140 chars
  • make graphs window resizeable, so scroll bars appear when necessary

version 1.8.8 1st December 2009

  • Added comparison of day length with tomorrow (and web tag)
  • Handle (by ignoring) errors from creation of moon bitmap
  • Added <#nextwindindex> web tag (see help)
  • Improved layout slightly on smaller displays
  • Added option to periodically disconnect realtime ftp
  • Fix heat index for temp under 80F or humidity under 40%
  • Fix spurious extra entry on end of <#wdirdata> and <#wspddata>
  • Add error code to ftp connect error message
  • Added ‘This Period’ screen (see ‘View’ menu)
  • Fixed crash caused by default value when pressure calibration box is cleared
  • Added ‘save as PNG’ to Select-A-Graph
  • Added Heat Index to data log, outside temp graph, and Select-A-Graph
  • Added wind chill and dew point to Select-A-Graph
  • Added ability to display multiple parameters on Select-A-Graph
  • Option to display Humidex instead of Heat Index on main screen
  • ftp upload is now in a separate thread to improve UI performance
  • Changed Wunderground upload to send ‘latest’ wind speed not average
  • Added tray icon ‘tooltip’ with wind speed and temperature
  • Changed code for closing data log, and added warning if not written
  • Fix bug where first rapid fire Wunderground update could contain zeroes
  • Fix bug where having ‘this period’ window open causes failure to write data log
  • Ignore humidity of zero on Fine Offset and LaCrosse stations
  • Fix forecasts for high pressure extremes
  • Allow WMR928 etc extra sensor to act as main temp sensor (ini file setting)
  • Fix very high wind speeds on Fine Offset
  • Fix filtering of zero humidity
  • Fix occasional display of dashes for sunset in some timezones
  • Correctly log http response codes in debug log
  • Changed scale label intervals on wind speed gauge
  • Correct 1-minute average temp being deg C when using data from Fine Offset logger
  • Fix pressure trend used in forecast, if units are inHg
  • Added ‘FCPressureThreshold’ ini-file entry to control forecast generation
  • Increased size of input boxes on all-time record editor
  • Fix problem where inside temp graph colour setting was lost over a restart
  • Fix problem where wind direction graph colour setting was lost over a restart
  • Allow average wind direction graph colour to be changed
  • Make sure dew point is still calculated when humidity 100%
  • As above, but for ‘live’ data as well as logger data!
  • Fix switching off of all-time records LEDs
  • added ability to configure/translate forecast strings via strings.ini
  • Fix to allow WMR928 users to use Cumulus forecast
  • Added more strings to strings.ini
  • Added two new realtime.txt items and web tags – forecastnumber and isdaylight
  • Truncate custom tweets at 140 characters
  • Allow thickness of chart legend symbols to be configured
  • Added ‘max wind speed’ option for La Crosse (via cumulus.ini setting)
  • Select-A-Graph now has gust as well as peak gust
  • Added temp/pressure trends to strings.ini
  • Correct colours of web wind direction graph
  • Stop tray icon appearing when ‘minimise to tray’ not selected
  • Fix ‘waxing gibbous’ strings.ini setting name
  • Average temp calculation using logger data now uses calibrated value
  • Added new web tags to correct trend arrows on javascript gauges
  • Fix average wind and gale days on ‘This period’ display
  • Round time to previous log interval when asking for VP logger data, to avoid Davis bug
  • Make sure first wind and temp readings have been made before calculating wind chill

version 1.8.7 26th June 2009

  • Increase number of recent saved wind samples to ensure 10 minutes worth
  • Attempt to fix incorrect daylight hours count where daylight crosses midnight
  • Apply multiplier to yesterday’s rain once rather than twice!
  • Fixed min temp and pressure being zero when Cumulus is first run

version 1.8.6 14th April 2009

  • Fixed saving of non-default ftp port
  • Added option to use file for twitter update
  • Added web tags for WMR928 extra sensors
  • Option to keep to clock time year-round for 0900 rollover
  • Option to prevent multiple instances running
  • Captions for WMR928 extra channels are configurable
  • Fixed problem where Fine Offset day rollover not done when bad data detected
  • Corrected ‘rain since midnight’ for 0900 rollovers (for Wunderground etc)
  • Option to copy files locally instead of ftp
  • Don’t write today.ini unless station contacted
  • Option to have South as origin of wind direction charts
  • Fix average temp calculation when using logger data
  • Fix problem with daily extremes when first logger entry causes day rollover
  • Attempt to avoid reading WS23xx data when station is talking to remote sensors
  • Added ‘Print…’ menu to Select-a-graph window
  • Fixed high rain rate at startup (Fine offset)
  • Added option to copy images to a specified folder
  • Send altimeter pressure to CWOP instead of MSLP
  • Added <#dawn>, <#dusk> and <#daylightlength> web tags
  • Added dawn/dusk display to main screen
  • Option to display cloud base on main screen
  • Option to configure cloud base units independently of altitude units
  • Set colour of moon phase text to black
  • Option to restart Cumulus if Fine Offset station uplugged
  • Range of wind gauge can now be specified
  • Snow unit text in diary can now be specified

version 1.8.5 12th February 2009

  • Attempt to fix startup problem when shut down just before midnight
  • Stopped old backups going into recycle bin
  • Added support for Twitter (
  • Changed wind gauge so it continues to re-scale up to a max of 200
  • Allowed main window to be resized smaller (with scroll bars)
  • Added printer selection dialogue to Print function
  • Added print function to Graphs form
  • Added archive data count to status bar
  • Prevent crash when no printer installed
  • Fix problem with all-time low pressure when offset in use
  • Fix wrong times for some of today’s extremes
  • Add WMR928 extra sensor display
  • Extra debugging for Fine Offset rain rate
  • Fixed ‘ghost’ rain rate just after startup
  • Added wind chill to logs and graphs
  • Added UV and Solar Rad to Wunderground and PWSweather updates
  • Fixed some problems with dewpoint and windchill on Fine Offset
  • Add offset facility for inside temperature
  • Don’t put leading slash on realtime.txt path if ftp directory is blank
  • Attempt to detect WS2300 sensors disconnected
  • Fix a missing day rollover problem
  • Changed temperature chart so temperature line is always on top
  • Removed temperature cutoff from chill calc
  • Attempt to cater for displays less than 1024×768
  • Added APRS humidity cutoff for quirky OS sensors (set via ini file)
  • More filtering for bad WS2300 data
  • Fixed WS2300 bad pressure data check for “in Hg” units
  • Allow for rain multiplier at rollover (incorrect this month and year displayed)
  • Correct WS2300 rain total when gauge (but not console) has been reset
  • Allow manual input of Fine Offset pressure offset (set via ini file)
  • Cater for Fine Offset humidity ‘underflow’ value of FF
  • Options to not send UV and SolarRad to Weather Underground and PWS Weather
  • Clock now has 12-hour display option (click on it)
  • Changed extra file processing to use unique filename for each file
  • Added support for Vantage Pro USB and TCP/IP connection
  • Fixed a problem with WS23xx history download
  • Create realtime.txt file even if realtime not in use

version 1.8.4 21st December 2008

  • Added ET,UV and Solar Rad for Davis stations
  • Added pressure range config for forecast
  • Added config for FTP port number
  • Improved Fine Offset rain rate calculation
  • Display Davis transmitter battery status
  • Fixed an error in one of the forecast strings
  • Fixed a startup problem for some Fine Offset users
  • Added battery status for WMR-928 (etc)
  • Added ET,UV and SolarRad to realtime.txt
  • Fixed <#temptrendtext> tag for deg F users
  • Fixed colour change for daily rain chart
  • Increased pressure and ET resolution by 1 dp for Davis
  • Added experimental forced VP barometer update
  • Help now has search facility
  • Prevent calibrated humidity being >100 or <0
  • Fixed ET decimal places
  • Added day length, moonrise, and moonset times, with web tags
  • Added ‘delete before upload’ option for ftp
  • Improved ftp connect timeout handling
  • Added resize option for web graph files
  • Added <#windrunY> web tag – yesterday’s wind run
  • Added extra debugging for WS2300
  • Changed latitude/longitude/elevation web tag output to have &nbsp;
  • Fixed WS2300 absolute pressure in history data bug
  • Fixed garbage entry when downloading WS2300 history
  • Ignore dubious relative pressure reading at startup (Fine Offset)
  • Save backups of data files at startup
  • Use different temp filenames for realtime uploads
  • Adds 10-minute average wind bearing (degrees) to realtime.txtAdd latest gust to data log
  • Option to plot latest gust instead of recent max gust
  • Option to display bearing of zero degrees and ‘—‘ when calm
  • Added ‘rain last hour’ to realtime.txt

version 1.8.3 20th November 2008

  • Changed “kph” to “km/h”
  • Changed graphs left axis increment for rainfall in inches
  • Fixed temp/pressure/rain last hour and rate during startup
  • Fixed wind direction offset crash
  • Added ‘build’ web tag
  • Wunderground ‘rapid fire’ option
  • ‘Close on suspend’ option
  • Improved UI responsiveness
  • Support for La Crosse WS2300 range
  • Added creation of wxnow.txt file
  • Fixed display of calibrated wind values
  • Added inside temp and humidity to data log file
  • Added inside temp, inside and outside humidity to select-a-graph
  • Changed default date/times for select-a-graph
  • Changed checking of Fine Offset status byte
  • Swapped positions of Temp Min/Max and Rain Today thumbnails
  • Fixed some problems with VP2 logger data download
  • Attempt to cater for repeated data line at Fine Offset startup
  • Corrected display of ‘yesterday’ calibrated rain
  • Changed due north bearing from zero to 360 degrees
  • Added extra diagnostics for Wunderground update
  • Encoded space in Wunderground string correctly
  • Added two new graphs, and average temp to min/max graph
  • Fixed problem where data logs don’t get created on first run (Oregon only)
  • Fixed windchill calculation for data from Davis logger
  • Allow for calibration in wind chill, dew point, and heat index
  • ‘Calculate wind chill’ option
  • Use calibrated pressure in all-time records etc
  • Added support for xAP Home Automation weather reports
  • Added option to generate weather forecasts

version 1.8.2 20th October 2008

  • Added further items to realtime.txt
  • (#21,#23,#25) fixed divide by zero at startup (Fine Offset)
  • Fixed ‘extra day rollover’ problem when starting up between midnight and 1 am
  • fixed Oregon Scientific crash at startup
  • Changed ftp CD code to avoid IIS problems

version 1.8.1 4th October 2008

  • Added 3D graph display option
  • (#6) Data offset/calibration facility
  • (#10) Option to turn off use of data logger
  • (#14) Further options for extra file upload
  • (#17) Added FTP rename option
  • (#7) Fixed crash when zooming wind direction graph
  • (#9) Prevent access to menu (to avoid crash) when downloading from data logger
  • (#13) Allow realtime ftp to start without Cumulus restart needed
  • (#15) Configured realtime interval didn’t ‘stick’
  • (#18) Fixed a case where invalid data logger data could cause crash

version 1.8.0 24th September 2008

  • Added support for Davis VP/VP2 data logger
  • Added support for Fine Offset data logger
  • Added support for regions which use commas for decimals
  • Made confirmation of shutdown optional
  • Made data logging interval configurable
  • Added option to synchronise VP/VP2 clock with PC

version 1.7.17 6th September 2008

  • Cater for occasional invalid data from Fine Offset etc (‘Easyweather’) stations
  • Clock background colour can now be set in display settings

version 1.7.16 1st September 2008

  • Fixed a bug where the units set on the first run weren’t used until a restart
  • Added support for PWS Weather/WeatherForYou/HAMweather
  • Fixed problem where ‘easyweather direct’ mode didn’t work for some users
  • Corrected pressure display for ‘easyweather direct’ mode to allow for calibrated value
  • Changed all degree symbols on web pages to &deg; – really did it this time!

version 1.7.15 27th August 2008

  • Changed all degree symbols on web pages to &deg;
  • Added relative humidity to ‘copy to clipboard’
  • Fixed APRS weather station type identifier
  • Added facility to specify pass code for APRS
  • Added optional ‘station model’ description for web pages
  • Added direct driving of Easyweather stations

version 1.7.14 11th August 2008

  • Added some more date and time web tags
  • Web files can now be created if ftp not set up
  • Various bug fixes

version 1.7.13 14th July 2008

  • Fixed data unit conversion for Easyweather
  • Added decimal place to wind display
  • Increased temperature display to 4 sig figs (for temps over 100F)

version 1.7.12 5th July 2008

  • ‘Real Time’ wind gauges for use on the web
  • Support of EasyWeather stations (via easyweather.dat file)
  • Year to date rainfall correction

version 1.7.11 21st June 2008

  • Added a new ‘gauges’ page using the jsGraphIT gauges
  • Uploads now include the three wind gauges
  • Added Heat Index
  • A few more web tags
  • A few bug fixes

version 1.7.10 14th June 2008

  • Web, APRS and Wunderground upload intervals can now be configured independently
  • APRS server and port can now be configured

version 1.7.9 9th June 2008

  • Added basic support for CWOP/APRS
  • ‘Fixed’ a number of places where a bug report window would pop up
  • Improved FTP connect timeout handling – maybe!

version 1.7.8 10th March 2008

  • Added pressure trend string update for both types of OS sensors
  • Changed sunrise/sunset times to be updated hourly, so they’re correct when clocks change

version 1.7.7 5th March 2008

  • Fixed pressure trend values
  • Improved timing of moon phase text

version 1.7.6 2nd March 2008

  • Fixed crash in ‘This Month’ and ‘This Year’ on US systems
  • Changed pressure trend value to be over last 3 hours
  • Fixed pressure trend string on Oregon Scientific stations
  • Fixed spurious zero values on graphs at startup

version 1.7.5 29th February 2008

  • Added moon phases
  • Added Wind Run
  • Added monthly and yearly count of air frosts
  • Added monthly and yearly count of gale days
  • Added upload of image of wind rose
  • Fixed bug with wind speed in m/s

version 1.7.4 2nd January 2008

  • Fixed problem with pressure records
  • Fixed errors in web templates
  • Increased maximum size of altitude configuration to 5 digits

version 1.7.3 30th October 2007

  • Fixed pressure units problem for Oregon stations (inches showing as mb)
  • Improved ftp error resilience a little

version 1.7.2 10th October 2007

  • Fixed pressure units problem for Davis stations (inches showing as mb)

version 1.7.1 3rd October 2007

  • Fixed wind speed problem for Oregon Scientific stations (was showing 10x too high)

version 1.7.0 20th September 2007

  • Added (back) support for Oregon Scientific stations

version 1.6.1 17th September 2007

  • Fixed responsiveness problem experience by some users
  • A few other minor bugfixes spotted while fixing the above

version 1.6.0 12th August 2007

  • New version for Davis Vantage Pro2 (only)


Cumulus is offered on a donationware basis and you are at liberty to download the software and to use it for free for personal and non-profit use.

If you find Cumulus useful, please consider making a small donation to the Cumulus development fund. Any donation that you make will be used either to pay for the site hosting or to purchase software or components to enable enhancements to our software.

You can make a donation by Paypal by clicking on the button above, which will take you to the Paypal site using a secure connection, where you will be able to enter your details and choose an amount to donate. You do not need a Paypal account, you have the option to provide Paypal with your credit card details on a one-off basis. If you have any queries about donating, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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